Primary School

Primary School


ENGLISH : (Grade: I-V) We have adapted a 21 century approach for language enhancement, where a unique pedagogy of enhancing language skills through extensive reading and working on linguistic application is in use.

MATHEMATICS : (Grade: I-V) We have a unique methodology of teaching Math through concept clearance sessions supported by applications which supplements the skills i.e. critical thinking, logical analysis and reasoning. There is an extensive focus on concept clearance and the reflection of learning.


SCI-FI CLUB : (Grade: IV-V) It is designed to lay an emphasis on firsthand experience, by conducting different activities in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

MUSIC: (Grade: I-V) Music is the soul of the universe and pours life into everything. Our Maestros familiarise our students with both Indian and Western music.

DANCE : (Grade: I-V) Dance is an expression of grace and elegance. Our expert faculty trains students to perform various forms of dance like Contemporary, Bollywood, Zumba, Hip Hop and Indian Classical Dance.

EDUSPORTS : (Grade: I-V) A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So to enhance their fitness and gross motor skills we have a well structured sports and fitness programme for our little ones.

PHYSICAL FITNESS/ACTIVITIES : (Grade: I-V) Many Indoor and Outdoor activities are conducted which not only help them to be physically fit and fine but increases their stamina, concentration and agility. For all round development of the child, various activities like Mallkhamb, Gymnastics, etc are taught.

ART & CRAFT : (Grade: I-V) The ultimate way to use imagination, impression, expression and creation is through art and craft and we encourage our students to explore their potential to the fullest.

JOY OF GIVING : (Grade: I-V) Joy of Giving week is celebrated to imbibe the value of social responsibility and a sense of giving back to the society. In this venture children donate to the underprivileged and experience the joy of giving themselves.

SHLOKA : (Grade: I-V) Shloka is integrated in the curriculum to enhance enunciation and articulation. It helps the mind to improve speech and concentration.

ROBOTICS : (Grade: IV-V) Robotics has been introduced recently in the curriculum to build a scientific temperament along with logical and analytical skills.

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT CENTER : (Grade: I-V) Puzzles stimulate the brain & introduce problem solving in students. Brain Development Center uses puzzles to develop pattern recognizing skills amongst children. B.D.C. directly enhances the cognitive, logical & critical skills in students.

SWIMMING : (Grade: I-V) Health is Wealth. To imbibe this ideal, swimming activity has been introduced. to encourage skill development and enjoyment of water, with the hope to increase the number of pupils leaving school with water confidence and water safety awareness.

EXTERNAL EXAM: External exams like S.O.F. and NSTSE etc are conducted in the school from class I onwards.

EXCURSION AND FIELD VISITS : (Grade: I-V) Educational tours are organized from time to time. Children also stay connected with the latest information which results in easy-retention of the subject matter.

KARADI PATH : (Grade: I-III) We have opted for this language enhancement programme to facilitate learning of English. It’s a unique approach for learning English through music and stories.

LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENT LAB : (Grade: I-III) This lab has various academic applications that help us work on the language skills of students.